Why a Jewish Artist Educator? 

Judaism is all about community. In a temple, you thrive among all walks of human life who are eager for knowledge, family and a little spiritual something. We all believe differently but yearn for the same ancient traditions. A reason to exist in this ever-changing world.

Art is my Judaism. It is a spiritual journey every time I sit down in the studio. It can take me anywhere and I can, it. The unknown. Potential to learn something we never knew before. 

Combine this with centuries-old text and tradition and there are endless journeys to venture into, questions to pose and opportunities to be at peace with not knowing the answers. Spirituality is tricky. How do you measure a child's spiritual path throughout their lives? At what age does a kid begin to believe in something greater than themselves?

I do not know when, but I do know everyone believes in something. In the art studio, we are able to express those beliefs where language and science fail to do so.